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Join us in spreading openness, vulnerability, and authenticity by gifting WhoCards for yourself or someone who'll treasure them.

what is whocards?

Unlock Deep Conversations and Meaningful Connections

WhoCards offers 66 carefully curated questions, empowering you to transform your interactions with people from social gatherings to professional settings. The courageous questions and playful guidelines of WhoCards create an atmosphere where you can relax, open up and get to know each other better.

Play with Anyone

Establish new connections or uncover deeper aspects of those you believe you already know, all by asking one of the "Who Are You" questions.

Courageous Conversations

Practice speaking what's true to you and actively listen to others as they do the same. Enter the warm hum of mutuality and experience belonging like never before.

Multiple Ways

WhoCards easily finds its place among friends and family, social gatherings or workshops, team meetings and coaching conversations.

Take the Lead

Most people enjoy the experience facilitated by WhoCards, and it only requires you to draw a card and initiate the game.

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Humanity needs more authentic connections

We strongly believe that in this age of disruption and complexity, when our differences are used to keep us separate, one of the most courageous things we can do is show up for others with authenticity, vulnerability, and openness.

Whether or not we recognize it on a daily basis, we are all deeply interconnected. WhoCards' mission is to strengthen the authenticity of that interconnectedness, because we believe that a sense of honest homecoming to ourselves and each other has the power to spark a light strong enough to lead us out from anxiety and loneliness towards belonging and love.

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Our story

The power of human connections

In 2016, a dynamic, self-organized laboratory called Amanitas was born in order to explore radical collaboration and emergence for our future humanity. Amanitas was inspired by the superpowers and patterns of the natural world. Throughout a series of retreats, a community house and co-created events, we learnt, played and experimented around a core belief: That positive change does not originate from any single individual, rather it ebbs and flows as a force which guides a living system.

a team of people
a set of whocards

how to play?

Different ways to engage

Choose Your Own Card.

Each participant picks a card of their choice. Someone volunteers to start. Whoever is ready to go can turn the card, read the question out loud and answer it for the rest of the players. Continue until the last person has read and answered their question.

Choose One Card for Everyone.

Pick a card and place it in the middle without showing the question. Someone volunteers to start. Whoever is ready to go turns the card in the middle, reads the question out loud and answers it. Continue until the last person has answered the question in the middle.

Find More Tips & Tricks in the Box!

The Tips will help you to set the scene for creating authentic connections. The various Tricks will give you ideas about how to play the cards in different settings.


Why do people love to play WhoCards?

Executive Director, Mindworks Lab
Diya Deb
Executive Director, Mindworks Lab

"WhoCards has been a game-changer for our international team at Mindworks. Using them has transformed our remote interactions; fostering authenticity, empathy, and trust among team members; ultimately enhancing collaboration and productivity. WhoCards is more than just a card game; it's a powerful tool for building genuine connections, reshaping perception of self and others, and becoming better listeners and empathetic leaders."

Highline World Champion
Benoit Brume
Highline World Champion

“It's often easier to connect with individuals who share a common background, whether that's related to your profession, hobbies, or sports. However, WhoCards offer a unique opportunity to form deep connections with people on a fundamental human level. The questions they pose are so essential that they resonate with every human being. This tool is invaluable for getting to know people, whether they're your teammates on an outdoor mission or friends from your everyday life.”

Founder @ Craigberoch
Gib Bulloch
Founder @ Craigberoch

“So many business conversations are dominated by the question: What do you do for a living? This labeling significantly limits our understanding of people and feeds our unconscious biases. WhoCards is a simple yet effective tool to go deeper and understand the broader identities of individuals beyond them being defined by their job titles. At the Craigberoch Business Decelerator we use them extensively in all our workshops to help people slow down and connect to each other with a new kind of quality.”

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What are WhoCards and how do they work?

WhoCards is a conversation game that was developed to transcend superficialities and dive into the depths of our true selves in a playful way. In the card deck you'll find 66 carefully curated questions that fit into many environments in which you would want to play. The courageous questions and simple guidelines of WhoCards create an atmosphere where people can relax and open up. In the Box you'll find a Tips & Tricks booklet that explains you how to play.

How can I order WhoCards and join the mission?

If you click on the Order button on this website, it will direct you to our Stripe order page. Order the pack you would like to receive and we will send you the cards.

What's the expected delivery time?

The estimated shipping times will take between 2-7 business days.

Is there a digital version available for download?

Yes, there is! The printable and online version of WhoCards is available in 14 languages. Go to the top of this page, click the Home or Print button to start! The online version is free, but if you want to support us, you can donate to us through the Open Collective Foundation's website here!

I didn't receive my WhoCards. What should I do?

If you've donated to us and haven't received your deck(s) of WhoCards within 14 business days, please email us to hello [at]

How many languages are in the physical card deck?

The physical card deck is only available in English. You can print-your-own cards or play them online in 14 languages.

Get Your Deck!

WhoCards is on a mission to transform social interactions to become more open, vulnerable, and authentic. Join us in spreading openness, vulnerability, and authenticity by gifting WhoCards for yourself or someone who'll treasure them.

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